Walkeringham’s Neighbourhood Plan

At last, Walkeringham’s Neighbourhood Plan is complete.

The plan is important for the protection of the character of the village. Its conclusions, if approved by the residents, will be binding until 2035, as it will form part of the Bassetlaw Local Plan now being formulated.

The next stage for the plan is a six week public consultation which will start in February and run through into March.

Public Consultation Presentation

When the official consultation starts there will be a public presentation of the plan at the Village Hall where the key outcomes will be explained and questions will be answered.

All the documentation relating to the plan will be available from that date and will be open to public discussion and comment.

There will also be a further public presentation near the end of the six week period.

I would urge all villagers to engage with this process as the findings will definitely affect all the residents. Comments of support or criticism will be welcomed to ensure the plan meets with village approval.

Plan Referendum

At the end of the six week consultation, modifications to the plan, if require, are made and the plan then is examined by an independent export to ensure it is fair and has community support.

This is followed by a vote of all residents where a simple majority will see that plan adopted.