Support Hub Now Open

For residents of Walkeringham who are vulnerable and/or self-isolating.

Note the list/prices will be updated shortly.

The Walkeringham Parish Council & Village Hall Committee Support Response have now opened the Support Hub. Ring 01427 671556 to place your order. We endeavour to deliver your order same day. Payments by Cash Only please.

Items for sale are as follows, also available here in PDF.

Paper bag10.05
Carrier bag10.05
Typhoo Tea bags40 bag pack1.00
Tetley Tea bags40 bag pack 1.49
Yorkshire Loose Tea250g bag3.00
UHT Skimmed Milk1lt box0.60
Coffee Whitener400g jar1.20
Sugar500g bag1.00
Strawberry Jam340g jar1.70
S/R Flour500g bag0.55
Plain Flour500g bag0.55
Basmati Rice500g bag1.40
Fusilli1kg bag1.20
Heinz Beans415g can0.50
Cut Green Beans400g can0.59
Mushy Peas300g can0.60
Chopped Tomatoes400g can0.40
Sweet Corn198g can0.80
Princess Tuna Chunks in Water145g can0.80
Tuna Chunks in Brine400g can3.40
Princes Corned Beef340g can3.10
Hot Dogs12 per jar2.50
Pineapple Slices227g 4 slice tin0.50
Sliced Peaches250g can1.10
Mandarins312g can0.99
Ambrosia Devon Custard400g1.09
Ambrosia Rice Pudding420g1.09
Pop Cornper bag0.65
Loo Roll2 rolls0.75
Bleach – Original2ltr1.00
Bleach – Citrus2ltr1.00
Hand wash – Aquarium300ml1.00
Hand wash – Coconut/Almond/Vani1.00
Semi-skimmed Milk*1ltr1.40
Eggs*1/2 dozen1.00
Apples*1/2 dozen1.10
Hotdog Rolls*per 6 rolls1.50

* Items subject to availability