Gigabit Broadband

This is your opportunity to potentially get Gigabit capable broadband to your Walkeringham home or business. No commitment from you, at this stage.

REGISTER HERE (Closes on Sat. 23rd January)
[Update 24/01/2021 Registrations Closed]

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Want to know the differences compared to what we have now, read on…

Currently, Internet connectivity in the village is up to a maximum of approx. 70-80Mbps downstream (if you get this you’re very fortunate, likely to be a lot less for most of us, just 11Mbps for me).

Gigabit capable means a possibility of up to 1000Mbps! Just as an example services from BT start at 100Mbps down / 10Mbps up and importantly their Stay Fast Guarantee is 100Mbps! (see link at the bottom of this post).

This connection would be provided by fibre direct to you premises as shown here.

As shown above, there are two ways fibre is used to get broadband to your house.

  • Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC): Fibre optical cables run from the telephone exchange to the street cabinets. Copper cables are then used to connect the cabinet to your house. The maximum broadband speed you get depends on the distance from your house to the cabinet. The closer you are from cabinet to home, the faster your broadband.
  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP): Here you get a dedicated fibre connection directly to your house. Your maximum broadband speed isn’t dependent on distance, so you can get the fastest speeds. FTTP provides the most reliable broadband connection.

See here for an example of the type of services which you could get via FTTP (just examples from BT).

It is important to say that there is no absolute guarantee that this exercise will be successful but having said that the Walkeringham Parish Council thinks that this is a worthwhile activity to pursue.