NCC: Flood Warnings – Info. & Support

Councillor Tracey Taylor

Dear colleagues,

I write to update you on the Council’s preparations for potential flooding as Storm Christoph reaches the UK tonight.  There are currently 2 national weather warnings in place that cover Nottinghamshire. You can find more detail on these here.

NCC and its partners have activated our usual Local Resilience Forum (LRF) arrangements to enable agencies to collectively prepare for and respond to the impacts of any adverse weather.  The period of peak rainfall  is expected to be the next 48-72 hours and the Environment Agency has issued a number of flood alerts so far for Nottinghamshire.  More information on these can be found at here. The LRF will meet daily this week, as will NCC’s own Risk, Safety and Emergency Planning Board (RSEMB), in order to plan and organise response, including in the context of the ongoing Covid response, and the vaccination and community testing programmes.

In those areas of the County that have previously experienced significant flooding episodes, we are organising a range of preventative and responsive actions to ensure that communities and residents are reasonably protected. I would encourage parish councils and residents to access NCC’s flood web pages, here to find useful information about preparing for and dealing with domestic flooding. You can also find information about the Council’s Flood Hardship Fund scheme here, this remains available to offer support to residents and businesses affected by flooding.  Information and updates are available through all of NCC’s usual channels, including the website, the Facebook page and the MyNotts app.

I’d be grateful if you would share this message through your community outlets. Please also contact me over any issues that you identify and need support with.

Kind regards

Councillor Tracey Taylor

Member for Misterton Division
Vice Chairman Children & Young People’s Committee
Nottinghamshire County Council