Roadwork Bulletin – Station Road


Message from Councillor Tracey Taylor

I was made aware of the concerns of Station Rd residents about the contents of a hand delivered letter (about three weeks ago) detailing proposed roadworks and a prohibition of residential parking. I contacted Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) highways officers, to understand if the letter was legitimate and if the works were properly authorised.

As a result of my enquiries, the NCC highways licencing officer met the developer (Gr33ns) and the civil engineer (Evans) last week to discuss exactly what was expected of them before any highways licences could be issued. That’s now been confirmed to them in writing. This message is to clarify the situation for residents.

We (NCC) recognise the significant inconvenience to residents and have made certain stipulations, which  include creating alternative parking provision for residents during the  period of disruption. Part of those stipulations read:

“You are negotiating with the pub to obtain parking for workers’ vehicles which will enable you to vacate the garage area which you have commandeered for use as a site car park. This can therefore be made available for residents’ use and you will write to residents  to indicate the above. Unlike the previous letter, you will use appropriate headed paper to indicate that the developer is responsible for the works as a whole and provide appropriate contacts for different purposes (General enquiries to 24/7 contact for emergency response)”

Two highways licences have now been granted to facilitate the works; they are:

  • Two way temporary traffic signals Monday 8 March to Thursday 8 April
  • Temporary prohibition of parking Monday 8 March to Saturday 10 April

I’m writing to advise the parish council of the importance that residents of Station Rd do comply with the notices, so that they do not put themselves at risk of any enforcement action around highways obstruction and safety.

I am happy to field any enquires from residents about any problems they face during the temporary arrangements:

Contact Details:  Tel: 07770 847086, email: