Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

Thursday 6th May is local election day. The government has decided to make the 6th May election a ‘real’ event at the Village Hall using ballot boxes. Strenuous efforts are being made to ensure that the venue is safe.

As well as the usual political candidates, this date is also the referendum for  the Walkeringham Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan, which has been approved by Bassetlaw DC and its independent examiner, was due to have its public referendum in July 2020 but COVID-19 put a stop to that. The Plan already has considerable weight and has been used and quoted by both planners at Bassetlaw and at Bristol, who recognize the plan aims for maintaining managed development and green spaces within the village. To become a legally binding document, the plan must pass the final hurdle of gaining an overall majority of votes at the public referendum.

The Neighbourhood Plan is an important document which has been produced to reflect the village wishes following significant consultation. It gives the village power and certainty against unwelcome development.

Please take time to vote for your plan on 6th May.

Postal Voting  – to access a postal vote for this election

Chris Howard Chairman

Note: The plan and other documentation can be found here.