Broadband Update – Station Rd. / Chestnut Cl.

We have received an update from the Digital Engagement Officer at Nottinghamshire County Council in relation to FTTP availability, albeit for 24 specific properties on Station Road and Chestnut Close.

These properties have received this new capability since they were unable to access a superfast broadband service.

The lucky people (addresses) are as follows:

Station House, Station RoadDN10 4JL
1 Station RoadDN10 4JL
3 Station RoadDN10 4JL
5 Station RoadDN10 4JL
7 Station RoadDN10 4JL
9 Station RoadDN10 4JL
11 Station RoadDN10 4JL
13 Station RoadDN10 4JL
15 Station RoadDN10 4JL
1 Station Cottages, Station RoadDN10 4JL
2 Station Cottages, Station RoadDN10 4JL
Sleepers Cottage, Station RoadDN10 4JL
Shetland House, Station RoadDN10 4JL
Willowdene, Station RoadDN10 4JN
1 The Birches, Station RoadDN10 4JN
2 The Birches, Station RoadDN10 4JN
The Sidings, Station RoadDN10 4JN
Birches CottageDN10 4JN
Ivy House, Station RoadDN10 4JN
St. Donan, Station RoadDN10 4JN
Gatehouse, Station RoadDN10 4JW
2 Chestnut CloseDN10 4JZ
3 Chestnut CloseDN10 4JZ
4 Chestnut CloseDN10 4JZ

The important thing to note is that upgrades do not happen automatically and in order to benefit, residents must take action before they could see an improvement. FTTP is the most up to date broadband provision currently available and will be capable of delivering speeds up to 1Gbps. The Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) solution doesn’t involve the existing copper network, so speeds available are far more certain and reliable, with none of the variation in speed that occurs with a Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) solution.

When ordering an FTTP connection, the customer journey is slightly different to ordering a standard broadband package. It is important to note that BT is not the only provider, there are some other service providers, however the number of suppliers is considerably smaller as the technology is still relatively new. It is important that residents do their research when ordering a fibre package and pay close attention to contract length, data limits, bundles offering calls and TV deals etc – just the same as ordering a standard broadband package.

Here is a document which provides some information relating to the ordering process and suppliers who can provide their services using FTTP.


If you have any questions or queries I will try to assist. Please use the contact form on this website and select ‘Broadband’ as the Type of Enquiry or email directly.

Lastly, things are developing, albeit far more slowly, in relation to getting FTTP connectivity more widely available in the village. I will post a further update re. this shortly.

Councillor Ian Heath