Cemetery Regulations (Extract)

Layout, Repairs & Access

a. The Parish Council (hereafter known as The Council) may do all such things as they consider necessary or desirable for the proper management, regulation and control of the Cemetery.

b. In this connection, they may enclose, layout or embellish the Cemetery in such a manner as they think fit and from time to time improve it. They shall keep the cemetery in good order and repair together with all buildings, walls and fences therein, and other buildings provided for the use herewith. In furtherance of this, the Council have decided to implement a lawn system of maintenance, therefore, kerbstones, chippings, gravel or any other materials are not permitted on any grave space. Walled graves are not permitted.

CONSECRATION: The whole of the Cemetery is consecrated.

Rights to erect memorials and agreements for maintenance

a. The Council may grant to the owner, or person acting on behalf of the owner, of a grave space or grave, the right to place and maintain, or put an inscription on a memorial. The Council accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, arising out of the grant of such a permit or the placing or maintenance on any such memorial and the owner will indemnify the Parish Council against all costs, claims, demands and proceedings arising out of the same. It is the responsibility of the owner/permit holder to insure any memorial.

b. It is ESSENTIAL that any stonemason contracted to install a memorial is on the Council Burial Board Register of Accredited Stonemasons. This requires they be entered on the British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons (BRAMM), or National Association on Monumental Masons (NAMM) an equivalent accredited scheme, have public liability insurance of a minimum of £5.000.000 (five million pounds), comply with the current code of working practice (NAMM) and provide a written company guarantee which provides a stability and safety guarantee for a minimum of 10 years and, as a member of BRAMM, a BRAMM certificate of Compliance on completion of the installation. Memorial Masons belonging to any other equivalent scheme will be required to undergo a vetting procedure BEFORE any work can be carried out.

c. Any new memorial shall not exceed 3’ in height measured from the ground, nor 2’6” in width and 4” in thickness. Any flower vase shall be set immediately in front of the memorial, such vase not to exceed 12” in height or diameter. The planting of trees/shrubs/rose bushes and placing of any other memorabilia or containers on the grave space area or any other area of the Cemetery is not permitted. Placing of benches/seats, other than those provided by the Parish Council on any area of the Cemetery is not permitted. A memorial tablet shall be

18” x 18” maximum of 4” high. The Council reserves the right to remove floral tributes/wreaths after a period of 14 days from interment, unless otherwise instructed. The Council Burial Board will remove all Christmas seasonal floral tribute/wreaths and other seasonal memorabilia on or after February 1st following.

  1. The Council shall approve all memorials and inscriptions thereto. Inscriptions should NOT be irreverent and must be in keeping with a consecrated Cemetery. Any photograph/insignia/design on a memorial shall not exceed 4”x 4”. Any insignia or inscriptions of a sporting or political nature will not be permitted. The Council shall approve the appearance and positioning of any photograph/insignia/design. The Council shall have at all times the right to remove any memorial erected under the terms of a permit (or otherwise) if the same shall be or become dangerous in any respect whatsoever and in such circumstance the owner shall indemnify the Council against any cost of removal or repairs.

e. A memorial can be placed from one month after the burial.

Mrs J M Fox (Secretary to Walkeringham Parish Council Burial Board)

A full set of regulations can be supplied on request.