Ian Heath

I’ve lived in Walkeringham since my wife, Sharon, and I moved here way back in 1994. We renovated the old property we moved into and have lived there ever since, raising our two boys along the way.

Our home was among those which flooded in 2007 so I have a keen interest in the dykes and drainage in the village.

In early 2016 I joined the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group and subsequently became a member of the Parish Council in mid-2018.

I work in the telecommunications industry for a large corporation and also have always had a personal interest in all things technical. Consequently I have gravitated towards the technical side of things in relation to the Parish Council.

As of 2020 I have built the new Parish Council website (which you’re looking at now), hopefully it will become a valuable asset to the village.

My next area of interest is to lead the Parish Council contribution to support the possible introduction of a gigabit capable broadband service to Walkeringham.