Community Garden

Background Information:

In 2016, Walkeringham Parish Council set up a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NP), in accordance with the Localism Act 2011.  This group consisted of local residents who had volunteered to become members, because they were passionate about keeping the rural nature of the Village.

Part of the NP work included a survey of all residents, to gain their views on how they would like to see the Village of Walkeringham, evolve over the next 15 years.  Results from the survey and a Public Consultation Event, suggested residents wanted to retain the rural character of the Village and to develop some of the green spaces to encourage and protect wild life, aid biodiversity and improve leisure facilities, with the aim of reducing the feelings of isolation among residents, which can be prevalent in small villages.

A small piece of land, on High Street, to the left of the Old Methodist Church, was identified as a suitable green space to create a Community Garden.  This piece of land is close to the School, central to the village, adjacent to some bungalows, whose residents are elderly and is not far from the Nursing Home.  Thanks to the generosity of Bassetlaw District Council, the piece of land was given to the residents of Walkeringham for a peppercorn price, to develop a Community Garden.

A member of Walkeringham Parish Council, applied to “The National Lottery Awards for All”, for help with funding for this project.  The application was successful & Walkeringham Parish Council, on behalf of the village, was awarded a grant of £10,000.  The Grant will be used to develop our Community Garden.

In 2018, local Garden Designers were asked to tender design proposals and a competition was also held, asking local children to design a small Community Garden, attractive to pollinators.

The chosen design, which included suggestions from the children, came from “Jamie  Dunstan Garden Design”.  The garden had to be wheelchair friendly, promote better health and wellbeing, and be easily maintained (a copy of the proposal is shown with this article).

Councillor Pat Hooton

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