Neighbourhood Plan Update (Dec. 2020)

The Neighbourhood Plan for Walkeringham is now complete and has been approved by an external assessor as well as Bassetlaw District Council. The final stage is a public referendum which was originally scheduled for July 2020. COVID-19 has however moved this date and the earliest the referendum can now take place is May 2021. The … Read more

NP Update (Nov 2019)

Walkeringham Parish Council have formally submitted the final version of their Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents to Bassetlaw District Council in accordance with Regulation 15 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. Bassetlaw District Council are now consulting interested parties on the submission Walkeringham Neighbourhood Plan, in accordance with Regulation 16 of the same regulations … Read more

NP Update (Sep 2019)

Walkeringham Neighbourhood Plan went through a Regulation 14 consultation in April & May 2019 where any interested parties were able to comment on its contents. The plan was then modified to take on board these comments and a slightly modified version has been issued which itself has to have a six week statutory bodies consultation … Read more

NP Update (May 2019)

During February, March & April, there was an eight week public consultation on the proposed Neighbourhood Plan. As part of that consultation, views and comments were sought on the 16 policies within the plan (called a Regulation 14 Consultation). Questionnaires were available in hard copy and on-line versions, and the previous copy of this magazine also … Read more

NP Public Consultation Survey – Update

Having listened to some comments from residents at the recent presentation and subsequently taken advice from BDC we are revising the criteria relating to who can complete the Public Consultation Survey. This is now open to all interested parties and a specific question has been added to the end of the survey to determine whether … Read more

NP Public Consultation Dates

The dates are set for the public consultation of the completed Walkeringham Neighbourhood Plan. Thursday the 21st of February at 6pm Saturday the 6th of April at 12noon At the Walkeringham Village Hall.

Walkeringham’s Neighbourhood Plan

At last, Walkeringham’s Neighbourhood Plan is complete. The plan is important for the protection of the character of the village. Its conclusions, if approved by the residents, will be binding until 2035, as it will form part of the Bassetlaw Local Plan now being formulated. The next stage for the plan is a six week … Read more