Broadband Update (Dec. 2021)

Earlier this year we canvassed Walkeringham residents to determine the level of interest in getting a Gigabit capable broadband service in the village, we received c.150 positive responses. Openreach then used the supplied information to produce a proposal for the village along with indicative costs. Their proposal, covers a greater number of properties than those … Read more

Broadband – FTTP

Currently (with a few lucky exceptions on Station Road), Internet connectivity in the village is provided by FTTC providing a maximum speed of approx. 70-80Mbps downstream (but likely to be a lot slower for most of us). This is because only part of the connection is fibre. FTTC stands for Fibre to the Cabinet (the … Read more

Broadband Update – Station Rd. / Chestnut Cl.

We have received an update from the Digital Engagement Officer at Nottinghamshire County Council in relation to FTTP availability, albeit for 24 specific properties on Station Road and Chestnut Close. These properties have received this new capability since they were unable to access a superfast broadband service. The lucky people (addresses) are as follows: Address … Read more

Gigabit Broadband

This is your opportunity to potentially get Gigabit capable broadband to your Walkeringham home or business. No commitment from you, at this stage. REGISTER HERE (Closes on Sat. 23rd January)[Update 24/01/2021 Registrations Closed] See/click here for all posts on this website re. Broadband. Want to know the differences compared to what we have now, read … Read more

Better Broadband Opportunity (Jan. 2021)

There is an opportunity for residents to get a better broadband service in Walkeringham. However time is tight, registrations of interest close on Saturday the 23rd of January 2021. There is no commitment, other than expressing an interest, at this stage.

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Broadband – More Information

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation around relating to internet connectivity, hopefully this page will provide some clarity. Firstly here are some common terms and their meanings: Broadband: In the context of the Internet this term has become to mean a service which is always on (as compared to dial-up) and high-speed (meaning … Read more

Broadband – Voucher Scheme

Currently there is a national scheme, called the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS), provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport central government department. In summary, as the name implies, this scheme is in place to assist with the funding to provide gigabit capable broadband services to residents and small/medium sized businesses (SMEs). … Read more

Broadband – Overview (Jan. 2021)

Whilst some properties in Walkeringham have a reasonable broadband service, others certainly do not, definitely room for improvement I’m sure. This undertaking is to attempt to improve matters… If you wish to register your interest in this endeavour please do so here. Some Details… The Parish Council has recently been contacted by the Broadband Engagement … Read more