TVI – Walkeringham

This is an interesting video from a gentleman called Andy who is known as The Village Idiot (TVI) on YouTube.

This is his introduction:

My name is Andy. I am armed with a car, a GoPro and an unhealthy amount of time on my hands. Join me as I try to visit every single parish in the district of Bassetlaw. There are 66. Here’s the FIFTY-NINTH one – Walkeringham.

And his information specific to Walkeringham:

Here we have a settlement that appears in the Domesday survey under two names. Both of these are “Wacheringeham”, except they are spelt a little differently, one with an e and one without.

The place-name seems to contain an Old English personal name, that being “Walhhere”. Ing or ingas is Old English, meaning “the people of”, whilst Ham means village. It possibly means therefore, the “village of the people of a man called Walhhere”.

Housing stocks were extended here in the mid-1960s to accommodate the workers of West Burton Power Station but industry wise historically, bricks were made here in no less than four distinct brickworks.

The major 2007 flooding in the North of England damaged much of the village. That said, improvements to drainage are constantly being made in the area as a whole to prevent such occurrences again.

There’s an old station, a fabulous community garden and some friendly locals in WALKERINGHAM.